Peripheral Device

The first block: The medical device, which is designed and built by Daralabs, connects to a smart-phone through Bluetooth connection. The smart-phone displays and transfers data to and from the cloud. All user interfaces are designed to offer simple and intuitive interaction for the user.

Cloud Service

The second block: The Daralabs Cloud System analyses the data through powerful algorithms and creates new optimized models which is then transferred back to the user. This allows the app to run on almost any device no matter performance. The Daralabs Cloud System has a built in artificial intelligence as it learns and adapts with increase in quantity of data.

External Services

The third block: If you wish to be able to share your data with your doctor, a research institution or just view it on your computer, the Daralabs API allows you to utilize your data in any way you please. 

Mobile Health Platform (mHP)

The Mobile Health Platform is Daralabs’ most innovative creation. It consists of three main blocks designed to work in perfect synergy resulting in a powerful platform. The blocks are scalable and built to include cross product integration. This means that all commercial Daralabs products will offer users more value by enabling the user’s to be able to make in-depth analysis of their personal data.

To put this in simple terms, we have created a platform from which many types of medical devices can derive.

While the cloud services continuously aid in situations where computation power is needed, the peripheral device gathers the data and the smart-phone displays and transfers it to the cloud. The data gathered is anonymized, transferred and stored in our databases with security levels that can be compared to up-to-date banking systems.

The Mobile Health Platform gives healthcare of tomorrow the power of possibilities. Due to its low development cost and high quality, we can finally present a solution for improving the prospect of health care in both wealthy nations and third world countries. We can reduce hospital costs and the stress that’s on health care facilities today, while at the same time freeing up time for more urgent patients to reach their doctor.

Daralabs Platform Utilized in World Unique Study

SCAPIS, which stands for Swedish CardioPulmonary bioImage Study, is a world unique study on cardiac and vascular related diseases. The research purpose is to enhance our knowledge about risk markers in relation to heart and vascular diseases. Such viable information enables doctors to act proactively at an early stage, thus possibly preventing a life threatening situation. The study is carried out at six university hospital in Sweden in a joint effort with the Swedish Heart-Lung Foundation.

Never before has such a large study been performed on this particular field of science. As such, it is expected that a large quantity of data will be generated which inevitably will need to be managed efficiently. The Mobile Health Platform by Daralabs has the perfect set of preferences to provide both the researchers of SCAPIS as well as the research persons with full data structures and illustrations. By using mHP, the research team can manage full sets of data more efficiently as mHP harmonizes data from several sources in to one optimized database. The researchers will also be able to securely share selected data in the form of illustrations and animations with the research persons in the study through a customized web portal. This means that for the very first time, participants in a study can remotely follow their personal research data intuitively.

At Daralabs, We are very proud to be a part of this exciting and most important research.

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